Apple accused of “planned obsolescence” in Brazilian lawsuit over iPad 4th generation

iPad with Retina


A lot of people were upset with the announcement of the iPad 4th generation alongside the iPad mini launch, including myself. The iPad 3rd generation had launched just early that year, and there wasn’t even that big of a change, no change externally other than the Lightning port. Internally, only slightly boosted specs. So why be upset? Because you had just bought the 3rd generation earlier that year, when Apple could’ve easily made the 4th generation the 3rd. Well, according to a report out of Brazil, the Brazilian Institute of Politics and Law Software (IBDI) has gotten very upset about it, so much so that it is filing suit.

Its base is that Apple could’ve easily used all the upgrades it used in the iPad 4th generation and put them in the 3rd generation, making the claim that it was “planned obsolescence and unfair business practice” for them not to do so. In the scenario that Apple is found guilty, it would involve them possibly having to pay every Brazilian customer that purchased the 3rd generation iPad. Brazil and Apple are just not getting along recently, as the “iPhone” name is also being challenged there. Stay tuned to the site to hear how this plays out.

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Via: AppleInsider, MacMagazine

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  • Xjeep

    I think brazil is rediculious… And if I was apple just leave the country completely… Get over it, I bought the ipad 3 I didn’t care… Who are we to say how a business releases a product, and for what duration. We have no right to dictate such things… If you don’t like the way they do things then don’t support them it’s that simple.