AOL shutting down meeting service due to iOS 6.1 issues

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Today has not been the best day for iOS 6.1 news. Earlier today, Vodafone suggested that iPhone 4S users should not update to iOS 6.1, and now is news that AOL has told its team of employees that they are not to use their meeting management system due to bugs in Apple’s latest software.

The bug apparently causes a continuous loop when employees are using it to manage their meetings. Here is an excpept of the email AOL sent out to employees, via 9 to 5 Mac:


The Enterprise Messaging Operations team has been monitoring unusually high traffic on the enterprise mail environment originating from iOS devices running the new iOS 6.1 update. We have researched and identified a bug that causes the “iDevice” to continuously loop while synchronizing a recurring meeting invite.  Some of you may notice additional side effects including poor battery life and overall degraded device performance.

Have any of you encountered any major bugs in iOS 6.1? Are you waiting on updating (like me) until the bugs are worked out? Let me know in the comments!

Source: 9 to 5 Mac


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  • wernerdercksen

    I have experienced random complete signal loss as well as my phone freezing when on a call. I use an iPhone 4, so thought its a resources problem. But some of my friends are experiencing similar problems with their updates as well.

  • Royce

    I use a 4s and am happy with 6.0.1, I saw a few users complain about issues, so I am waiting as my phone works great as-is.

  • winter_hat

    BB10 Enterprise server has proven email/security and true BYOD.

  • raymondmosley77

    Yes my phone keeps looping over and over again and battery life just 7 hours

  • CyrusGorjipour

    Get a Blackberry and you won’t have these issues.