Analyst: iPhone 5S entering production next month, as iPhone 5 sales decrease

As Apple’s iPhone 5 sales start to lose momentum, one analyst has come out and said that Cupertino’s next smartphone will enter production in March, ready for what will most likely be a Summer introduction. This comes as Apple starts to ‘wind down’ manufacture of its current flagship device, indicating that the company is readying the production line for a new device. Jefferies analyst Peter Misek has stated that “suppliers seem to be prepping for iPhone 5S builds to start in March,” while Apple cuts iPhone 5 orders from forty to thirty million units.

I’m sure you’re more than tired of hearing about this by now, but it’s worth giving a small rumor roundup of what we’ve been anticipating as far as an iPhone 5S. First of all is the obvious stuff; no redesign, faster processor (almost certainly A7, possibly A6X), and – as per the last ‘S’ model iPhone update – a higher-resolution camera. Something I’ve always been skeptical about is the possibility that Apple may introduce its first colored iPhone. Though it may be unlikely (in my eyes, at least), it’s worth keeping that rumor in the mix, just in-case it amounts to something.

iPhone 5S rumors aside, it’s also worth noting that it’s been heavily rumored that Apple may introduce up to three devices at its next iPhone event. Those devices being: the iPhone 5S (duh, guys), a cheaper iPhone, and possibly even a 4.8-inch iPhone, which would put it directly in Samsung’s Galaxy SIII firing line.

What do you think about the next generation iPhone? Will Apple introduce multiple devices, or just the one? And do you think we could see a colored iPhone 5S? Let me know in the comments below.


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  • Justin_White

    honestly at this point unless apple floors me with ios7 or a 4.8in phone then i will be getting a samsung galaxy s4.

  • MuhammadMarsh

    I really don’t think they’ll have much to offer that on the 5s that hasn’t already been done before. Nor do I think they have anything significantly better than what the competition has already announced.

  • frontrowfred

     Ditto! It’s time for Apple to s*i~ or get off the pot.  I’m eyeing the S4, Xperia Z, and the rumored X phone from google.  I’m just saying….Apple better bring it this time!

  • Justin_White

    @frontrowfred unfortunatly we won’t see any big changes till the iphone 6 next year most likely.