All new, redesigned iPad 5 to debut this fall?

iPad 5?Since Apple’s iPad mini was launched back in the tail-end of last year, many have wondered if the device will show a new focus for the company. Some even believed that the ‘traditional’ iPad would cease to exist for favor of its tiny tablet brother. However, if we believe market research firm TrendForce, then lovers of the 9.7-inch tablet need not worry.

The next-generation of iPad will be the device’s fifth incarnation, and according to TrendForce, it will feature a long-awaited redesign, most likely sporting an iPad mini-esque profile, probably resembling a scaled-up version of its younger brother.

TrendForce states:

“Firstly, for the improvement on product design itself, the next generation of iPad will apply the thin GF2 touch module of the same level as iPad mini and use the narrow bezel panel design to solve the issue of larger volume, thickness, and weight that have been criticized to gain a better balance for consumers in mobility and visual experiences,”

The firm even reckons that despite the inevitable update to internals and general improvements to the next-gen tablet’s specs, its new display panel may make the device cheaper to build, though it’s doubtful that these savings will be reflected on the price point, which is likely to stay put, so expect no changes from a consumer point-of-view.

In terms of what it will do for Apple, the firm’s predictions for 2013’s first two quarters are that the iPad mini will be dominant, with around 65% of Apple’s tablet share, but after the iPad 5 is released, this is thought to decrease to an even split between the device.


Via: BGR

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  • Henrik

    I WANT ! . . . have the iPad 2 now, and do NOT pull the trigger before iPad 5 :)

  • Henrik

    I WANT ! . . . got the iPad 2, and will NOT pull the trigger before iPad 5 :)