A few more iPad 5 case leaks to digest [photos]


Yesterday a bunch of cases leaked supposedly designed for the next generation of 9.7″ Retina-equipped iPads. “iPad 5” we’ll call it for the sake of convenience, is rumored to take many design cues from the iPad mini. It’ll be a trimmed down chassis, featuring much slimmer bezels and a thinner body, with an anodized aluminum finish.

9to5Mac updated its leak article from yesterday with a gallery of images showing the difference between another new model of iPad 5 case against one designed for the current breed.



Similar to the leaks from yesterday, the bottom edge shows a clear distinction with holes for stereo speaker grilles and the Lightning port in between, instead of the offset cutout for the single speaker grille on iPad 2/3/4. As you can tell from virtually all the images, the next iPad is going to be much smaller despite having the same sized display.





To check out the full gallery head on over to 9to5Mac’s original article, there are a few more besides these ones.

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