40-hour monthly limit introduced by Pandora


Music streaming services like Pandora and Spotify have revolutionized the music industry in a way nothing has since iTunes launched. It’s legal, and it’s as close to free as you can get without going down the illegal torrent downloads route. Before Spotify launched in the States, Pandora was undoubtedly the number 1 choice for music fans, and that success has cost Pandora more money that it can realistically continue to. The rising cost of royalties combined with having a completely free service has forced the founder, Tim Westergren to rethink the service’s strategy.

From this week, Pandora users will get a maximum of 40 hours listening per month. For most, that won’t be an issue. In fact, 96% of subscribers won’t feel the squeeze at all.

As noted in his blog:

“This week we will begin communicating directly with a small number of our listeners as we introduce a 40-hour-per-month limit on free mobile listening.

Most of you reading this will never hit the limit. In fact, it will affect less than 4% of our total monthly active listeners. For perspective, the average listener spends approximately 20 hours listening to Pandora across all devices in any given month.”

So, if you’re one of the music junkies racking up more than 40 hours of listening time each month, expect a message.

Via: iDB
Source: Pandora

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