26 percent of iOS devices are now using 6.1


Just two days ago, we reported that 22% of iOS devices had already updated to iOS 6.1 in just 36 hours. Today, an update to those numbers has finally been released.

While the adoption rate has slowed in recent days, OnSwipe is now reporting that an impressive 26% of all iOS devices have been updated to Apple’s latest mobile operating system. While Android fragmentation has always been a source of discussion, it is worth noting that, as iDownload Blog points out, only 10% of Android devices are on the most recent version of the operating system, Jelly Bean.

As we pointed out a couple days ago, the cause of quick adaption rates for iOS recently has been attributed to Apple’s integration of over-the-air updates making it easier for consumers to update their gadgets. Have you updated your iOS device to 6.1? If so, what was the feature that encouraged you to update?

Source: iDownload Blog

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