20% of all US consumer technology sales revenue in 2012 was Apple


Is it any secret that Apple is one of, if not the biggest consumer technology companies in terms of revenue? Well, in case there was any doubt in the manner, it was just found that Apple accounted for nearly 20% of the total revenue in 2012 for all consumer technology sales. That is a lot of money, in case you weren’t aware. Apple outdid all the other companies in the field by a good amount, beating out second place Samsung by 10.6%. The numbers for the company are most likely correlated with the increase in smartphone and tablet sales, which each saw an increase in sales by 25% and 42%, respectively.

Apple and Samsung were, as what seems to be becoming the norm, the only two companies to see a growth in revenue, adding up to a $6.5 billion increase, while HP, Sony, and Dell all saw decreases. The market as a whole also saw a large decrease, around $9.5 billion for the US. Vice president of industry analysis at NPD, Stephen Baker, said that an “uptick” in Q4 could show good things to come:

While sales fell in consumer technology for the second consecutive year, there was an uptick in Q4 which is cause for optimism. After struggles with declining categories, and increasingly saturated markets over the last few years, fourth quarter’s results may be the first sign that even as a mature industry consumer technology can grow again, albeit with a very different dynamic than in previous growth spurts.

Apple and Samsung are most likely to continue to see growth, while other manufacturers struggle to stay relevant. BlackBerry (formerly RIM) is hoping to get back into the game with BB10, and HTC has just announced a new flagship device it thinks will take the Android community by storm.

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Via: AppleInsider, NPD

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