What new market should Apple break in to in 2013? [POLL]


Were a few weeks in to the New Year, and Apple’s been taking something of a beating in the stock market, thanks to some negative reports in the press. Both Reuters and WSJ have reported on low demand for one of Apple’s iDevices. With Apple’s earnings call coming up next week, we’ll soon find out just how successful Cupertino’s holiday season was.

All this talk does point to one thing: perhaps Apple needs to think about breaking in to a new market. Perhaps making a dent in the TV universe, or creating a world-beating smart watch. But what do you think? What should Jony Ive and his design team focus on this year? Vote in our poll below and tell us which you’d rather see.



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  • DroidBoy11

    I believe it’s highly likely they will go the TV route. Cameras and Smart watches are still relatively new. And the iPod nano? is pretty much a smart watch. Plus looking at CES, TV’s are on the rage this year! I think Apple can come out with a 4K or possibly rival with Samsung by also trying out a 8K TV but that unlikely. Apple doesn’t follow standards.

  • haroon

    I can guarantee that Apple will not be breaking into any of these markets….atleast for 2 years

  • anlglgr

    i hope there will be no new market for apple to break in to. I think the company’s vision has not match the production of hd tv or game console or etc. if apple want to save their minimalistic framework with producing something new , it must not be in tv or watch industry.

  • BrainRoopull

    They should release a smartphone…  something a bit more advanced than the app launcher that is iOS.

  • KyleFrost

    @BrainRoopull So you mean a new mobile OS, not a smartphone. It has a smartphone in the iPhone.

  • KyleFrost

    4K is too immature for Apple to want to do I think. I can see a 1080p HDTV though, with the UI being the real selling point. Something about it has to be what will sell, otherwise it’ll be “just another TV.”

  • BrainRoopull

    @KyleFrost  Either way…  I never thought of the iPhone as a smartphone.  Granted, it was revolutionary when it came out, but not because of its capabilities.  It has yet to match what the now defunct Windows Mobile Phones could do.  The iPhone did and still does less, but it does those fewer things in a much more intuitive manner.