Want to check your pulse? There’s an app for that



Ever wanted to check your pulse using your phone, without having to buy some expensive attachment? There’s an app for that. Yes, indeed, you can check your pulse using nothing but your phone and this piece of software. Heart Beat Rate Pro allows you to simply hold your finger up to your devices camera, and it uses the flash to light up your finger, and thenĀ proceedsĀ to work its magic and find your heart rate. According to TUAW, which tested the app alongside a pulse oximeter, it was fairly accurate for casual use. There were, however, some issues. It took longer, and wasn’t as accurate in real time, though the final averages were usually pretty accurate. Overall though, the app seems to be fairly well for the average user, so you won’t see this in a doctor’s office anytime soon.

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Via: TUAW, App Store

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