Urgent phone call? You need the quick-draw iPhone system [video]

If you’ve ever had the issue of not being able to answer your iPhone quick enough, and missing calls, you may want to consider this contraption invented by a Japanese guy. I have to be honest, during the first 30 seconds of the video, I genuinely thought this must be a really sad, lonely guy. It becomes evident a little later on that he’s just having a joke around. So, I found myself laughing with him, and not at him.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like there are plans to release the contraption to the public. Although, judging from the number of YouTube views the video already has, I’m sure people would flock online to buy them.

Do you want the quick-draw system?

Via: iDB

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  • PaulTurvey

    Great gadget especially when it falls off !

  • 12.Bryce

    This is a parody of the quick draw gun system in the film TAXI DRIVER (Martin Scorsese and Robert Dinero). He does all the things he does in the film haha.

  • 12.Bryce

    Whoops. Didnt realize it still put TiP before my name… Sorry guys.

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