Top 5 stories this week: iPhone 6 concept, Apple no longer cool plus more…

We’re back in the full flow of regular life now, as bloggers, fathers, students, teachers and all the rest. Life is busy, we get that. So, just in case you missed any of the key stories and articles from the past week, here’s what those who did check in found most interesting/noteworthy:

1. Is the physical home button redundant? [Editorial]

In 2007 when the iPhone was initially launched, the single button on the face of a smartphone was revolutionary. That’s without exaggeration. At the time, if a smartphone didn’t have a keypad/QWERTY keyboard, it still had at least 3-4 buttons for various tasks. Especially Windows Mobile devices. Almost 6 years on, is it still necessary? As other manufacturers and platforms are getting rid of physical buttons altogether. Should Apple do the same?

2. Report: Apple is done, Surface is in according to teens

A somewhat debatable survey was undertaken which showed how teenagers apparently think the Surface is cooler than the iPad. And, that when it comes to looking good in front of your pals, you’re better off with a Windows powered tablet. Do you agree?

3. Former employee reveals Jobs’ keynote preparation

A former Apple employee who was involved in the creation and naming process of the Safari browser, spilled some information on what it was like backstage at an Apple Keynote presentation.

4. CES 2013: New iPhone 5 case has back display for notifications

We’ve seen some very cool stuff come out of CES in Las Vegas this year. One of the most intriguing was a case which taps in to your iPhone’s Bluetooth connection and notifies you with distinct patterns depending on which app/service is trying to get your attention.

5. Beautiful iPhone 6 concept published, looks like an iPod nano

Although this article was published last Saturday, our readers still loved checking on this concept throughout the week. The design was very iPad nano-ish (similar to Lumia) with its rounded edges and black-framed display, running what looks like a slimmed down version of OS X.

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  • jaymcarth

    Surface is not what teens (me) even remotely want. To be associated with Microsoft, windows and IE is embarrassing. An iPad mini is on everyone’s wish list for sure.