Top 5 stories this week: iOS 7, iPad 5 and cheaper iPhone concepts plus ClamCase Pro release

Top 5 stories

It’s Saturday, which means one thing at TiP: rounding up this week’s top stories. We’ve heard a lot about Apple’s stock dropping all week, and despite that, none of it got in to the top 5 most viewed articles. Instead, the rankings were dominated by some really cool concepts. Check them out below (each heading is a link to the original article):

1. ‘Quick Settings’ iOS 7 concept uploaded, adds SBSettings functionality

We love a good iOS concept here at, and few are as good as this one. The fact that we’re getting so many recently shows that surely we’re due a refresh. This latest concept adds some quick access toggles to the Lock Screen to power on/off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and such things. It’s certainly worth your time to check it out.

2. New “iPad 5″ concept mockup shows tablet with mini-style thin bezels [Gallery]

Another concept, but for hardware. It’s been rumored that the larger iPads will be taking inspiration from the iPad mini when they’re refreshed (possibly in March). The mockup features slim bezels and a dark slate aluminum rear shell. I like it a lot.

3. ClamCase releases ClamCase Pro, its redesigned iPad keyboard case

ClamCase’s original keyboard was one of the few that actually turned your iPad in to a laptop wannabe. The new Pro version follows along the same lines but looks much classier. It has an aluminum chassis and black keys, just like the MacBook Air (and all the other notebooks that have followed suit since.)

4. Walmart’s “unlimited” Straight Talk iPhone 5 plans have a 2GB cap? Ouch!

We were impressed by Walmart’s “unlimited” Straight Talk iPhone 5 plans, until we realize that the company was throttling users once they reached 2GB. Should it be called unlimited? Should they advertise a clear fair usage policy?

5. Cheaper iPhone concept, looks like a shrunken iPhone 5

With all the rumors surrounding a low-cost iPhone for the emerging markets in China, South America and Africa, someone took the time to design a concept of this supposed cheaper device. Essentially, it’s an iPhone 5 with a 3.5″ display.

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