Top 5 Stories this week: iOS 6.1 nearing release, iOS 7, illegal unlocking and more…

Top 5 Stories

This week has been incredibly busy for our favorite tech company. It’s had what is seen as one of its most important earnings calls of the past few years. Along with that, we’ve seen a whole host of new rumors ranging from iOS 6.1 releasing (finally) through to iPad 5, iPad mini 2nd gen and the supposed new lineup of iPhones. Our top 5 stories this week are below:

1. Rumor: iOS 6.1 to be released tomorrow? Jailbreak to follow?

This rumor made an appearance on Thursday and stirred up a lot of hope, before eventually disappointing all of us. With the final beta of iOS 6.1 expiring very soon, it was speculated that the public release would be here before the weekend. Sadly, it didn’t come to pass – as many rumors don’t. But, that’s not to say we aren’t going to see it very soon. We just don’t know when. Tagged along was the news that jailbreak devs are just as eager as we are to get the public release as they appear to have a solution ready for it as soon as it’s out.

2. 5 things I’d like to see in iOS 7

This was an article I wrote last Saturday, and it detailed the 5 key things I think iOS needs when it gets its next major refresh. From deleting default apps to being able to store them in a drawer and getting rid of skeuomorphism. It’s all there.

3. 4.8-inch “iPhone Math” to be launched alongside iPhone 5S in June?

An unusual rumor that Apple is planning on releasing a huge 4.8-inch iPhone this year. The entire webosphere was in agreement that it isn’t likely, especially after Tim Cook said that a bigger iPhone won’t happen.

4. Rumor: “J85″ iPad mini and “N51/N53″ iPhone 5S on route to July release

Two rumors popped up yesterday, each seemingly agreeing with each on some points, except release dates. We’re supposedly to expect a new iPad mini, iPhone 5S and a 5th gen iPad before the year is up.

5. Unlocking phones becomes illegal in the US this Saturday

Finally the news that jailbreaking smartphones would become illegal in the States from today. Unless you go to the carrier directly to get it unlocked, you are apparently breaking a law. Disappointing news I’m sure.


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  • jimmy

    Im not too familiar with all this stuff – Is jailbreaking the same as rooting – Will it be illegal for people to root their Androids?  From what I read, I thought they did that to install custom ROMS not necessarily to use phones on other networks.  Guess Im confused by the wording.  Why does Apple always have to come up with an “S” as the new phone; it would be nice if they made a bigger leap to a 6…Id like to see the iPhone look different and maybe give the users a choice on how the design/color scheme is.  I hate that blue blocky type system for some reason.  The good thing is the iPhone makes it easy to transfer everything to a new phone; I find that a nightmare with Android.  Also that when a new ios version is released,e veryone gets it.  Thats why one friend of mine was still using an iphone 3s until yesterday.  I like having a Galaxy Nexus for that reason.  Its unlocked; I can get a cheap contract free plan (which is one reason I dont have an iPhone right now; i prefer to save $$ even though I have a Mac); and I get updates immediately after Google releases them…which makes the phone feel fresh and last longer.  I dont have to be stuck with a year old phone that cant get updated. But thats the whole fragmentation problem

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