TiP Daily: Jan 2, 2013 [VID]

TiP Daily Jan 2, 2013: An analyst predicts multiple versions of an iPhone 5S to hit store shelves this spring, wearable iWatches probably won’t launch before 2014, and more!

– Hybrid controller for iPhone 5: http://tinyurl.com/bzwdkz3
– No iWatch before 2014: http://tinyurl.com/b7eardy
– June iPhone 5S launch: http://tinyurl.com/bxczmaa

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  • I’m looking for the day when the iPod is no longer something in your hand with a bluetooth earpiece, but the ipod is the earpiece.  Granted, this will make it much easier to lose.  But I think it would be cool.  Granted some people like to look at all the music they have, so maybe having a handheld device with this would be necessity, but if that was only supplemental to the completely voice-command earpiece with everything stored on it, that would be cool.or maybe im way in left field.

  • BuddyBennett

    Yes I would buy a Iwatch on the very first day !!!!! Been waiting a long time for it !!!