Tim Cook on China Mobile, retail and labor in Chinese interview

Tim Cook has today been in talks with China Mobile Chairman Xi Guohua, discussing the relationship between the two companies. China Mobile’s spokesperson released the following, stating that:

“In the morning, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook visited China Mobile’s headquarters. China Mobile’s Chairman Xi Guohua and Tim Cook discussed matters of cooperation,”

The discussion has “raised hopes” of a long-awaited deal between Apple and China Mobile, Something Apple could really benefit from, since CM is the world’s largest carrier.

Tim Cook spoke to Chinese media on the matter:

“China has always been Apple’s most important market, is now our second largest market, I am convinced that in the near future, China will become Apple’s largest market over the past year, Apple has been localized products for the Chinese market,” reported Sina Technology News. “Apple already has 11 stores in the Greater China region, as well as many of our distributors in China, we will continue to expand the number of outlets will be far more than 25 . “

Cook also mentioned that Apple is trying to improve the rate at which new products are released in China, as devices usually meet the country months after their initial release. He added that the cellular version of the iPad mini would be released in the country this month.

His entire interview has been translated by Sina News, but to avoid some of the inevitably nonsensical translations, it’s best to summarize.

Cook talked about how Apple has relationships with many other Chinese companies, such as China Unicom and Telecom, and he mentioned that China Mobile is a “highly respected company”, but he cannot announce his plans.

He also told the Chinese media that Apple needed to serve more people in China, so the company plans to build open 25 more stores in the country over time, but exactly when these shops will open hasn’t been released.

Finally, he mentioned Foxconn’s labor conditions, and spoke of Apple’s strict regulations with partners, saying “we have very strict regulations and codes of practice, if you say they do not adhere to our principles and codes of practice, we do not and they cooperate to terminate the relationship,”. While not the easiest sentence to understand, the gist is clear. Essentially, Apple will end the relationship between its partners if it discovers that its regulations have been violated. He also said that Apple is more focused on improving the quality of its own employees’ conditions than getting involved with the state of Foxconn employees’ lives at the company.


Via: 9to5Mac


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