Temple Run 2 out tomorrow in the US/EU – Already on New Zealand App Store


Thanks to some finger-on-the-pulse reporting from TouchArcade.com, we know that the sequel to the hugely popular Temple Run will be hitting our Western App Stores tomorrow. Temple Run 2 features updated graphics, and new gameplay options, including rickety mine carts and sliding on zip lines.

“The real improvement, though, is just how fluid and natural the environment feels. The original Temple Run was very rigid with mostly straightaways and 90-degree turns. Temple Run 2’s environments are curvy and hilly, giving everything a more natural and “real” feel.”

It’s a free download too, making it possibly the best value game on the market. I can’t wait. Can you? If the screenshots are anything to go by, this is going to look incredible.

Via: TouchArcade



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