Swann launches new TruBlue kit – monitor your home or business in HD from your iDevice

When it comes to modern surveillance techniques, it seems almost sinful to launch a device without the possibility to keep an eye on your premises on the move. Gone are the days of needing to be sat in front of a tiny monochrome display in an unused box-room surrounded by VHS tapes. Nowadays its about keeping an eye on things from your smartphone or tablet. The latest TruBlue DVR box from Swann certainly does all it can to offer you the best experience available.

At the core of Swann’s new line DIY security monitoring kits is the latest TruBlue™ blue-lit D1 DVR with real time, full screen high resolution video recording for the ultimate in professional protection. This comprehensive surveillance system allows you to simultaneously view and record 4 or 8 high resolution 600TVL indoor/outdoor cameras that feature powerful night vision up to 65’. The 4 channel is known as the DVR4-4000 and the 8 channel as the DVR8-4000.”

Even better: it comes with a compatible free app. So, not only can you view any captured footage in HD on your monitor, you can also check in from your iPhone.

If you’re keen on keeping an eye on your home/office etc, you’ll at least want to consider the TruBlue/SwannView app. Hit the site to find out more.

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