Steam Box’s biggest threat is Apple TV according to Valve co-founder, Gabe Newell

Steam Box

Gabe Newell, Valve’s co-founder recently gave a talk at the University of Texas in which he eluded to the fact that he believes that consoles are not the biggest threat to the Steam Box’s success. Apple is the looming dark horse on the horizon. As reported by Polygon:

“The threat right now is that Apple has gained a huge amount of market share, and has a relatively obvious pathway towards entering the living room with their platform,” Newell said. “I think that there’s a scenario where we see sort of a dumbed down living room platform emerging — I think Apple rolls the console guys really easily. The question is can we make enough progress in the PC space to establish ourselves there, and also figure out better ways of addressing mobile before Apple takes over the living room?”

The entire article is certainly worth a read. But, obviously it caught our attention as he is clearly looking past the days of bespoke consoles, and to a time where devices are all interconnected. Apple’s TV box is already an appealing proposition for the living room thanks to its low price point and seamless integration with iPhones and iPads (via AirPlay). As more content and services get added and more iOS games feature AirPlay support, the Apple TV will soon become a genuine gaming contender.

Via: Polygon

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