Say What? captures the fun of Hangman in a unique and refreshing way [Review]

I wouldn’t say that I’m a wordsmith, but I tend to play a lot of word-based games: Scrabble, Words With Friends, Crosswords Plus, and so on. My current favorite is Say What?, the first title from the new social gaming startup Harth Labs.

Say What? is a free game that combines the mastery of the English language with a keen eye for detail. In a refreshing take on the classic Hangman, players create words from a random assortment of letters for their opponents who then have to guess which word you created.

When guessing, Say What provides players with color-coded hints. For example, a letter in a blue box means the right letter is in the right place. If a letter is in a yellow box, then the right letter is in the wrong place. Finally, if a letter is in a red box, it’s the wrong letter altogether.

But while there’s no hangman, Say What? isn’t without pressure. Your opponent, the person who created the word, can watch all of your guesses. This means he or she will be able to see how many attempts it took for you to correctly guess their word. Talk about pressure! For this reason, I recommend brushing up on your deduction skills!

As you win, you’ll also earn badges and coins. Coins can come in handy if you’d like to buy letter when building your word. If you can’t wait to earn ’em, there are in-app purchases available starting at $1.99 for 40 coins and going up to $29.99 for 1,000 coins. However, a true wordsmith should be able to create words without buying extra letters (she says half-jokingly).

The app itself is quite simple. It features bright colors and a clean UI, which makes it easy to navigate and to learn the rules of the game. My only complaint is that I’m limited to inviting and playing against Facebook friends. I’ve done a few random matches, but with two games pending, I’m unable to be matched up again. It’s unclear if there’s a limit, or if there aren’t enough people playing. I recommend inviting a few of your Facebook friends if you’re eager to try.


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  • MaeganBabcock

    Sounds like Hanging with Friends except with hints.


    Sounds the exact same as   Hanging with Friends  but with a little Mastermind thrown in


    ALSO if youre trying to find it , its actually called Say What? Free Word Game.  If you just search for Say What?  youll find a handful of other apps with the same name.  One thing I find searching on Google Play is so much better than iTunes.  I can never find what Im looking for on iTunes unless I know the exact name or have a link.  Its just awful