Samsung’s lead as top mobile device maker in the US increases, Apple still gains

comScore’s latest data on mobile devices has been released, showing that Samsung still tops the leaderboard of mobile device makers in the US. As per usual, Apple is still slowly catching up to its Korean arch nemesis, but not to an extent that will cause any worry to the world’s biggest Android device maker.

The top two companies that are battling it out to rule the US device market are no surprise really, and neither is the rest of the leaderboard’s top 5, which includes LG, Motorola, and HTC, all of which are suffering from perishing market share.

Once again, Google’s Android is the dominant OS, with its growth overtaking iOS’ in recent times. iOS is the second most dominant in the US, while the trailing OS developers are Microsoft, RIM and Symbian.

comScore’s data comes from its latest survey of 30,000 US mobile subscribers, and has discovered that the USA’s mobile market penetration is up to 53%, with 123.3 million, this is an increase of 6% between August and November.

Here are the statistics for top mobile OEMs for this time period:

And the stats for OS developers are below:


Via: TheNextWeb


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