Samsung’s infringement of Apple patents under review


Back in October, Judge Thomas Pender determined that Samsung had infringed upon four of Apple’s patents and recommended to the International Trade Commission that certain Samsung products be banned from being imported to the United States. The patents included patents for touchscreen technology and device designs. It now looks as if that ruling is in question. The ITC announced that it is reviewing Judge Pender’s decision and has also sent two Apple patents back to Judge Pender for further review.

According to Apple Insider, both Apple and Samsung wanted to have the ITC review the ruling of Judge Pender. Apple was hoping for a decision that included more patents being infringed upon, and Samsung wanted the ruing to be reviewed because they did not believe they had violated patents.

The ITC released notice about the case said:

“Having examined the record of this investigation, including the ALJ’s final ID, the petitions for review, and the responses thereto, the Commission has determined to review the final ID in its entirety. The Commission does not seek further briefing at this time. Rather, the Commission remands the investigation to the ALJ with respect to certain issues related to the ‘922 patent and the ‘501 patent, as set forth in the accompanying Remand Order.”

It is unsure when the ITC will finish their review of the case, and when an announcement of the final decision will be made.

Source: Apple Insider

Image via: Android Authority

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