Samsung did not “willfully infringe” on Apple’s patents according to Judge Koh


Samsung and Apple’s epic patent litigation battle has to be one of the most high profile of its kind in recent memory. Following the decision by the jury in summer 2012 that Apple was owed $1B in damages by Sammy, Judge Koh has since decided that the Korean tech giant did not infringe upon Cupertino’s patents willfully.

In lay terms: the jury thought that Samsung had infringed purposefully knowing that it was in the wrong. Samsung’s lawyers asked Judge Koh to reconsider, and she agreed with them. As noted by TheVerge: “she believed Samsung went into the whole situation with a reasonable belief that it wasn’t in the wrong.” As of now, the $1 billion verdict still stands, but since it’s been ruled as not willful, there is a chance that Judge Koh could reduce the damages owed.

This is something of a win-win for Samsung. If Judge Koh had agreed with the jury on the infringement being willful, damages had the potential to balloon up to a much higher figure. So, this is a major relief to the Korean tech giants.

Via: TheVerge

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