Rumor: Much thinner iPad 5 to land in October, iPhone 5S and low-cost iPhone also due this year


When it comes to rumors, iLounge’s Editor-in-Chief, Jeremy Horwitz rarely speculates or gets drawn in to the endless spiral of anonymous sources and their questionable information. But when he does, it’s normally after extensive checking and confirming with his collection of sources. That’s not to say that what he hears is always right, after all, sources can get the wrong idea plenty. But you can be sure he’s verified as much as humanly possible.

This time around, he’s got some information pertaining to the 5th generation iPad as well as the iPhone 5S, supposed low-cost iPhone and the “iPhone Math”.

First up: the iPad 5. He got his hands on what was supposedly a realistic physical model of the fifth generation iPad. As we’ve been hearing, it is much slimmer and takes after the iPad mini’s design. Horwitz notes that it’s “a lot smaller than one would guess was possible“. The bezels on the side are ridiculously thin, while the spaces on the top allegedly only have enough room for the essential camera/home button arrangement. The screen isn’t changing at all in size, but it is more than likely going to see a shift towards Sharp’s revolutionary IGZO display technology. That’s – of course – if these rumors are correct.

Processing power and performance are likely going to remain similar to the recently released 4th generation iPad. Apple will – as usual – flaunt the size and weight as the key benefits of the newer redesign. It’s the release date that’s causing a little confusion and frustration. Some sources claim March has been slated, others are penning October as a possible time frame. As of now, October seems much more realistic for many reasons. Mostly that the new screens needed to make the new design possible are no where near ready for mass production.

The site’s sources also mentioned details on the iPhone 5S. Which all of us are expecting. As you can imagine, design will be virtually identical to the iPhone 5, with the only aesthetic difference being a bigger flash for the camera. Nothing mentioned of different colors being available or any other performance improvements.

The two most speculative products in the report are those we’ve heard of previously: the low-cost plastic iPhone and the “iPhone Math” (or “iPhone +” if you prefer). The plastic phone is purportedly being developed with the emerging Chinese market in mind, meaning it’ll probably not be seen anywhere outside Asia. With the iPhone 5 costing $849 and the average annual salary being around the $3k mark, it’s not hard to spot a need for Apple to make its desirable smartphone range a lot more attainable.

The larger iPhone (or iPhone Math) is also – apparently – in very early prototyping phase. What that means is that we’ll almost certainly not see it this year. And – given the number of prototypes Apple designs for its production design process – it may not even be released at all. Cupertino’s designers are notorious for their excessive prototype creations. So, don’t be surprise if a 4.8-inch iPhone never makes it to market.

To read the full report, head on over to iLounge. It certainly makes interesting reading.

Via: iLounge


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