Rumor: “J85” iPad mini and “N51/N53” iPhone 5S on route to July release



Earlier today there was a report in from iLounge talking about the supposed new iPhone 5S and iPad 5. Alongside the rumors earlier, some new information has come to light from “another trusted source,” who “offered a handful of additional details.” So let’s just dive right in, shall we. According to the report, the iPhone 5S is “months away” from mass production, and will sport a 13MP Sony made camera on a back – a pretty big jump from the current 8MP camera on the iPhone 5. As is expected, the source also said that the iPhone 5S would be getting a newer, faster processor, and currently the prototype names are N51 and N53. July is what the release date is said to be.

Not too much on the iPad 5, other than the codename is J72, and still is looking like an October release, per the first report. The iPad mini 2nd generation, however, codenamed J85, is currently planned for October as well, but is said to be receiving a Retina display. This would make sense to give the tablet a new display, as that was one of the only complaints when the device was released. The “look and feel” of the device, however, is said to just be the same as before. All of this information is an update to what was said earlier, which included the iPad 5 being much thinner and taking design cues from the iPad mini.

What do you think? Interested in Apple’s next line of iOS devices? What are you hoping comes true? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: 9to5Mac, iLounge

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  • pdcruz

    With increased competition, to be ahead of the curve, they have to release these products alot sooner or have that OMG factor. Or else it will be just another company..

  • EdwardRackauskas

    The biggest problem with Apple’s phone is the size of their phones.   They must just to stay competitive have a 5″ phone in their arsenal.  If the phone isn’t a 5 inch phone, their stock price will continue to plummet.  Samsung’s products are only getting more and more innovative.   Samsung already has their smart phones with removable batteries and expandable memory.  These are things that Apple doesn’t believe in.  In many ways, Apple is now like AOL regarding getting  most user’s first internet experience.  Everyone was excited to get on the internet, but now realize that dial-up is way too slow and desire a more tailored experience on the internet.

  • arvi

    Here’s a guess. The new iPhone gets an NFC chip. The new Mini will definitely get Retina. My wish is for the Mini to get Cellular Voice capability.