Rumor: Apple to release low-cost 5-inch iPhone? Don’t bet on it

When it comes to rumors, the likelihood of the most recent report from DigiTimes becoming reality is very slim indeed. According to its supply chain sources (who have allegedly had some hands on time with the mythical device) Apple is going to release a “low-cost version of the iPhone for China and other emerging markets in the second half of 2013.” The same sources claim that this low-cost iPhone comes loaded with a larger display, to compete with existing 5-inch screened phones which are currently flying off the shelves in China. It will also have a “brand new exterior design.”

It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to picking apart this rumor. I will reiterate something I’ve stated before. The danger in predicting Apple’s moves based on market trends is that Cupertino’s designers generally aren’t thinking at all about what the rest of the world is doing. Why else would it stick to a 3.5″ display for so long when everyone else has flown past the 4-inch mark? Utilizing glass and aluminum instead of opting for plastic in manufacturing? And seriously, a 5-inch iPhone?

There have been plenty of 7th gen iPhone rumors already in the past few months. Some stating we’ll see an iPhone 5S available in iPod touch-like colors are starting to look a lot more viable now. It’s frustrating, that just as DigiTimes was beginning to regain its credibility after correctly reporting on iPad developments in 2012, that it’s gone and written about an Apple phablet.

It’s more likely that Apple’s going to release a TV set this year than a giant phone. Would you want a larger iPhone? Or is 4-inch plenty?

Via: DigiTimes

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  • GSTurn

    Yes, I would want a larger iPhone.

  • DanielPaller

    woo,woo. you think if they make a bigger iphone it will be low cost? i dont know what you are smoking but lets us ours brains here! its apple!! it will most likely cost 4,000$ on a contract….