Passbook apps easier to find in iOS 6.1


If any of you have used Apple’s Passbook app, you may know that after you download one Passbook supported app, it is difficult to find others that are supported. Once one app is downloaded, the “Welcome” card disappears from Passbook forever making searching for Passbook apps much more difficult. Apple’s new iOS 6.1 has finally fixed that problem.

In Apple’s new software, they have included the original “Welcome” card in Passbook that gives you easy access to apps that take advantage of Passbook. The card includes an “Apps for Passbook” button at the bottom that will take you directly to the App Store and show apps that are Passbook enabled.

Are any of you glad that Apple included this feature in iOS 6.1? Do you think Passbook is useful or useless? Let us known in the comments below.

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  • pseagraves

    I thought Passbook was fine without this feature.  All you had to do was open up the App Store and it was on the main page.  It was in the area where you swipe right to left (e.g it gives you a short cut to all Apple created apps, New to the app store, etc).  I just wish Apple could get more apps to take advantage of this feature and that Apple showed more apps that do take advantage of it.  Apple highlights the Apple Store, Starbucks, LivingSocial, a bunch of airlines, and other companies for having Passbook connectivity.  However, there are more apps that have Passbook connectivity that are not highlighted in this screen, for example the movie theater company AMC has their Stubs card set up to take advantage of Passbook.  It works just like the Starbucks Passbook card does.  I would like to see auto update for the Passbook cards when you enter Passbook.