ON.EARZ launches new range of headphones, inspired by ‘cultural icons’

When I’m buying headphones, I tend to look for three things: good audio quality, good looks, and – most importantly – that they aren’t Beats. Don’t get me wrong, Beats are solid headphones, but dare I say that they lack originality, it seems like everyone has a pair. This is probably the reason that I’m quite taken with ON.EARZ’ latest creation. Called the ‘Listen with the Legends’ series, the range of headphones is “inspired by cultural icons” such as James Dean, Elvis Presley and AC/DC, and offers a unique, stylish design.

The headphones certainly tick one of my boxes, as they look incredible, featuring such materials as chrome, brushed aluminium and even denim to give off an awesome retro feel. It’s not all about looks though, and ON.EARZ promises that this range of headphones should pack some oomph worthy of defeating the opposition, saying that they include some of the “most advanced audio features available”. However, exactly what they sound like, we can’t know without hearing them, so we’ll have to take ON.EARZ’ word on that one.

I really hope I can spend some time with these headphones sometime in the future, as they look truly incredible, and at $99, they have damn competitive price tag. ON.EARZ says that the gadget will be available soon in the US, with no word on UK release just yet.

Head over to ON.EARZ’ website if you fancy a pair.

Do you like the style of these headphones, or do you prefer the modern design of those such as Monster’s range of Dre Beats? Let me know in the comments.



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  • G41117

    Always been a fan of in ear headphones. But recently I decided to treat myself to a pair of new top of range headphones. Over the duration of 6 weeks I tried a serious amount of headphones. Found the beats audio a bit disappointing & more of a fashion statement. In the end I bought a set of Bose quietcomfort 3 noise cancelling headphones. By far the best on the market with superior sound & build quality even if they did set me back £300. Very happy tho.