Notebook PC sales to play second fiddle to tablet shipments for 2013

The tablet revolution was very much kicked off by Apple with the first generation iPad back in 2010, and since then, the market has grown at an extraordinary rate. So much so that – according to a prediction from NPD DisplaySearch – tablet shipments will overshadow those of traditional notebook PCs in 2013, with an estimated 240 million tablets compared to 207 million notebook PCs expected to be sold.

Unsurprisingly, NPD DisplaySearch stated that the tablet market is “dominated by one major player, Apple.” With that being said, it is expected that other tablet makers will grow this year, leading to a rise of 64% in overall shipments.

Interestingly, sales of smaller, 7.9″ devices are projected to surpass those of the 9.7″ tablets that have dominated up until now.

DisplaySearch’s latest prediction has come as quite a surprise. Back in July 2012, the same firm predicted that tablet sales would not take over those of notebook PCs until 2016, showing just how quickly the tablet market has grown.


Via: Apple Insider


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  • Apple is still the best tablet that’s why other tablet makers are always want to compete with Apple.

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