New “iPad 5” concept mockup shows tablet with mini-style thin bezels [Gallery]

With Apple having launched the 4th generation iPad in the holiday quarter last year, predicting when the mac-making company is going to launch the next update has become a little more difficult than in previous years. That said, it doesn’t stop talented graphic artists coming up with what they think it might look like.

This latest collection of “iPad 5” mockups was designed by Martin uit Utrecht, re-imagining what the full-size iPad would look like with a similar bezel design and color scheme to the iPad mini. It shows a much thinner bezel, and a slate back instead of the usual silver aluminum. As noted by the designer the display will remain the same size as current iPads, but a lot of bulk will be cut off the chassis. With 17mm taken off the width, 4mm off the height and with it being 2mm thinner, it’s a pretty substantial reduction. (Full gallery below).

“According to sources the design of the new iPad will follow the design language of the iPad mini.
This 3D model was based on the accurate model which I made of the iPad mini but keeping the same display size as the large iPad.”

Personally, the iPad mini design has made my iPad 3 look a little cumbersome and ugly, so I’d be grateful for the change in design. What do you think? Is it a direction you want Apple to take? Are the wider bezels on the larger iPad necessary for reading? Leave your thoughts in the comments or tweet me.

Source: 3DExport
Via: 9to5MacĀ 


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