New Apple TV to be smaller


Apple is planning on making its next version of the Apple TV slightly smaller. They key word is slightly.

Apple’s new TV device (Apple TV 3,2) passed through the FCC, and the FCC was kind enough to release some new information about the new device. Apple has apparently decided to change the dimensions of the TV by changing it from 98mm x 98mm to 93.78mm x 93.78mm. Yes, Apple is rumored to be changing the size of its device by less than 5mm on each side. This all comes just a day after news that Apple was updating the software for its TV apparently to prepare for new hardware as well.

Are you interested in picking up an Apple TV? Do you think this size change is beneficial at all? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: 9 to 5 Mac

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  • ColeFeeser

    I have an iPad 4 and was disappointed to learn that unlike the old 30 pin digital av adapter the new lightning based digital av adapter can’t do 1080p video mirroring, only 720p which is just like the current Apple TV which can only do 720p AirPlay mirroring. So my point is that unless this new Apple TV can do 1080p AirPlay mirroring I still won’t be interested in an Apple TV.