Mass production of super-long fiber optic Thunderbolt cables begins

Mass production of fiber optic Thunderbolt cables has just begun. The cables are made by Sumitomo Electric Industries after being the first company to receive Thunderbolt certification from Intel, meaning that these fiber optic models are the first of their kind to enter production.

The Thunderbolt cables are available in sizes up to 30M (about 100 feet) long and offer stable 10Gbps throughput even when tangled or pinched, so performance slips shouldn’t be an issue. Visually, the cables are pretty much the same as the currently available models, with the only real difference (besides the length) being the slightly longer connector.

A possible downside to these super-long, super-durable cables is the fact that – unlike their copper counterparts – they do not carry on-board power, so external devices cannot be bus powered, making external power supplies essential. Not only this, but because of the pricey fiber optic technology inside them, the new Thunderbolt cables are likely to be significantly more expensive than the current copper versions.

However, despite the (probable) high price and lack of on-board power, the cables do offer some pretty neat potential uses. ZDNet has already noted a solution for noisy external devices, simply place them in a soundproof closet and take advantage of the length of the cable to place them away from the host Mac.


Via: Mac Rumors

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