Kickstarter-funded Pebble wristwatch ships today, before iOS app is released

The smartwatch has gained the attention of everyone in the tech world over the last month, and regardless whether you love it loathe it, it’s certainly here to stay. One of the pioneers of the smartwatch industry is the Pebble, the Kickstarter-funded timepiece that promises to bring your phone’s functionality to your wrist. The team behind Pebble has just announced that the watch will begin shipping today, initially only in black, as the device is manufactured “in large batches of 1 color at a time”.

However, although the watch itself is now en-route to many of its buyers, it won’t ship with everything promised at the time of its conception. For starters, the iOS app that was planned to run as a parallel to the watch from the word go has been delayed, meaning that much of the functionality that was shown off at press events such as CES earlier this month will not be available to those who receive their watches early.

From Pebble’s team:

“We submitted [the iOS app] 2 weeks ago and have been responding to reviewer feedback”

“For the moment, iOS users who receive Pebble early will be able to do notifications/Music control but will not be able to install watchfaces or upgrade to the latest PebbleOS until the app appears in the App Store.”

Fortunately for you (ahem) Android users out there, Pebble’s app will be released onto the Google Play store tomorrow (Thursday).


Via: Slash Gear

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