Just Mobile Gum Plus – Unboxing and Hands On [VID]

Cam checks out the 5,200mAh portable battery charger by Just Mobile. Its small, aluminum design is well formed, comfortable to hold and super portable. It also packs enough juice to charge your iPhone 2-3 times.

Product link: http://www.just-mobile.com

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  • KVKdragon

    This battery pack is better for a less price
    Don’t get me wrong, the company looks legitimately cool with their plethora of accessories. It’s just that no battery pack can compare to the one shown in the link ;)

  • 573W1E

    £70 seems a bit steep in my eyes. I like the design and it’s size, but I bought a portable battery pack for about £20 on Amazon which is quoted as having twice the capacity. I don’t think the design or size matters really when it is sitting in your bag or on a desk.