January 23rd earnings call could be “most important in 10 years” for Apple

Ben A. Reitzes of Barclays Capital has an interesting prediction to share for the coming up earnings call for Apple, to take place on January 23rd. Apple’s investors don’t have as high expectations as they have in the past, putting Cupertino in a position it is somewhat unfamiliar with. Through 3 months, Apple’s stock has fallen about 17%. Reitzes believes that this lower expectations will be lifted with future product releases coming this year. Specifically, he is a firm believer in the idea that Apple will be releasing a cheaper iPhone, which he thinks will met with a change of tone. It will be interesting to see what happens in the earnings report, as some analysts are saying that they see Apple selling 43-63 million iPhones last quarter.

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Via: AppleInsider,

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