iPhone 5S to enter initial production in March, ready for earlier June/July launch?

The iPhone 5 has been around for barely four months now, but the rumors of its next-in-line – the iPhone 5S – aren’t difficult to come by. Peter Misek, an analyst from Jefferies, has told investors that Apple is currently testing two prototypes. One of these is supposedly the iPhone 5S, while the other is allegedly the widely rumored, low-cost iPhone.

Misek reckons that Apple will release its next-gen iPhone earlier in the year than expected, and will begin production of the device in March, in time for a June/July launch.

Apple is expected to experience a slight decline in iPhone 5 sales in the coming months, with Misek’s projection for shipments at 44 million units, a relatively high number compared to other analysts’ predictions that are as low as the mid 30 millions.

Peter Misek also had an opinion on the low-cost iPhone, saying it will likely be aimed towards Chinese markets, as cheap smartphone sales thrive in China. He believes that the rumored device may have already been given the ‘go-ahead’ for production. His expectations for the device coincide with most rumors, such as no LTE, polycarbonate case and a non-retina 4″ display.

However, although he expects to see the device, he reckons that it won’t do much for Apple from a business standpoint, saying that it won’t have a large effect on the company’s earnings per share.


Via: Apple Insider



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