iPad’s slice of web share shrinks after Christmas – still at 79%

With the arrival of the Kindle Fire and new series of Nexus tablets, the iPad now has some serious competition in the tablet market. Although the manufacturers had to make their devices crazy cheap to compete on the numbers front, they’ve also done enough to make users want to use them longer than just the first few days.

The latest analysis from Chitika suggests that, following Christmas, the percentage of web pages being consumed on Android tablets has grown healthily. The Kindle Fire web share grew by 3.03% over the same period last year, taking it up to 7.51%. The Galaxy Tablet lineup takes 4.39% and the Nexus tablets take 2.04%. Despite the competitors taking 7.14% away from the iPad, Apple’s tablet still sits comfortably at the top of the pile with a massive 78.86% of all tablet browsing.

Some have dared brand this a “dramatic web share fall”. I suggest it was expected, and that it was going to happen eventually. Besides, if the Kindle Fire and the others had really had a successful holiday period, they would have taken far more than 7% web share. Essentially for every hour an iPad spends on the internet, the Kindle Fires can only manage a measly 5 minutes.

Via: ZDNet

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