iPad sales lower than expected? Analyst predicts “only” 18.4 million units sold

As Apple’s January 23rd earnings call looms, analysts are tripping over themselves and each other to bring us their predictions for how well the company’s iDevices fared over the holiday quarter. The latest to add his name to a long list of analysts is J.P. Morgan’s Mark Moskowitz.

Mr. Moskowitz believes that Apple may have suffered a little due to supply constraints. He’d initially projected that Apple were going to sell 20.1 million iPads over the last quarter, and has now dropped his expectations to 18.4 million. Weak demand had nothing to do with it though. Completely the opposite in fact. Cupertino’s manufacturing partners simply couldn’t keep up with demand.

“Our research indicates that near-term supply constraints impacted iPad sell-in activity during the seasonally-stronger holiday season,” the analyst said. “Supply did not improve until early December. In our view, it was a supply, not demand issue.”

As time goes own Moskowitz expects the iPad to become more important to Apple’s revenue than the iPhone. It is the “poster child” of the Post-PC era after all.

Did any of you struggle getting hold of an iPad over the holiday season?


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