iOS 6.1 could boast fastest iOS adoption rate ever

iOS 6.1 Adoption

With Apple’s release of iOS 6.1 earlier this week, there has been lots of excitement around the newest iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system. Although the update does not bring many major changes other than more LTE support, updates to iTunes Match and the possibility of a jailbreak, the adoption rate has been one of the quickest for iOS ever.

It has been reported that almost 22% of iOS users have updated to iOS 6.1 in just 36 hours. The rate of software adoption for Apple’s mobile devices has increased significantly since the introduction of over the air updates, and it seems that the ability to update immediately through via “the cloud” rather than connecting your gadget to iTunes has made people more likely to download and install the new software (although if you want to jailbreak, don’t use OTA for 6.1).

We want to hear from you! Have you upgraded to iOS 6.1, and does the ability to upgrade over the air make it more likely for you to update your software sooner?

Source: TechCrunch

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