iHome brings Lightning connector to new docks

iHome is a very well known company in the world of iOS accessories, and it finally has some dock with Lightning in tow. To be announced at CES next week, iHome has let some pictures out showing what the docks will look like, and you can clearly see the iPhone 5, which uses the Lightning port. It’s expected that Lightning compatible accessories will be all over CES, as the technology has now been out for a few months and Apple has been steadily approving manufacturers. The “Triple Charging Stereo” is what can be seen in the picture above, and as you can see it will sport, not one, but two Lightning connections. That will come in at $149.99 (USD), while a simpler (and cheaper) two-charging stereo will coming in at $99.99 (USD). Mashable also said that iHome will have the newest in the retro boombox lineup, which is a much more expensive $199. You can use Bluetooth to play audio from most Bluetooth-capable devices, though.

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Via: Mashable