Happy Birthday iTunes – turning 12 today

If there’s one product that kicked off the iPod, iPhone and iPad revolution, it was the program that kept all the devices in sync before the days of iCloud. Before Spotify, Netflix and Hulu, getting hold of legal digital media was virtually done exclusively through Apple’s iTunes program and store. Originally, all it did was allow users to rip CDs on to their computers. As years passed, it opened up a store, launched a Windows friendly version and added iPod, iPhone and then iPad compatibility.

Until last year, it was the hub of our iLives. Everything we did was through iTunes, whether it was buying music and video or downloading apps. Without it, our iDevices would have been virtually useless. 12 years on from its original launch, it’s a different animal altogether. Having just released its 11th new version, and its biggest UI refresh to date, it doesn’t serve the same purpose. No more do we need to plug in our gadgets to keep them in sync. And, as iTunes moves slowly in to a cloud-only existence, it’s important to remember where it all came from. Happy 12th birthday iTunes!

Steve Jobs speaking at MacWorld in 2001 about the PC becoming our “Digital Hub” thanks to programs like iMovie, iTunes and iDVD.

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  • Appleisascoolasasparagus

    Ha..it still functions like a 12 year old piece of technology. How about something that functions more like it was made in the last 5 years, please?