Facebook now #1 most used app, Google still reigns king of top 6

Top Apps

According to ComScore’s survey of most used mobile apps of 2012, Facebook edged out Google Maps as the most used app on iOS and Android.

Although Facebook overtook the top spot, Google is still seen as one of the top app developers, as it had 5 apps in the top 6 most used. Along with Google Maps, Google also had Google Play, Google Search, GMail, and YouTube among the top 6 applications.

ComScore attributes the drop in Google Maps usage to the inclusion of Apple Maps in iOS 6, meaning that for a couple months, iPhone users were unable to use a Google Maps app, because one was not yet available.

Time Apps

The survey also noted that Facebook accounts for a surprising 23% of time spent on mobile apps. That is a much larger number than Google Maps, which only accounts for 2% of time on apps.

Which apps do you use the most? Do you spend more time on Facebook or Google Maps? Do you use Google’s apps at all? Let us know!

Source: ComScore, 9 to 5 Mac

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