Excavator smashes over 100 fake iPhones

In the bizarre video above (in all Russian), an excavator is seen running over 127 “iPhones.” The reason iPhones is in quotes is because these devices are not real iPhones, but rather illegally smuggled, counterfeit iPhone 4 and 4S devices.

The fake phones were allegedly smuggled into Russia by a Chinese man who was then arrested. According to Cult of Mac, the man was later fined $65, and the fake Apple technology was smashed by the excavator.

Although the devices are fake, I must admit they look very real. If I had not known the devices were not real, I would’ve assumed they were just smashing iPhones for fun. The thought of smashing real iPhones is horrifying to anyone who is a fan of Apple’s flagship phone.

Source: English Russia Via: Cult of Mac


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