Each App Store download generates on averag 17.5 cents for developers

Today, Apple released numbers specifically regarding money made by app developers on the App Store. According to Apple, the average app download makes 17.5 cents for its developers. It is worth noting that the previous numbers stated that app developers made 16 cents per download. These numbers include in-app purchases as well, not just the download of the app itself.

Apple also noted that the average app on the App Store makes around $9,000 in total. Although this is the average, many apps make much less because more successful apps in Apple’s store bring up the average. It is also important to remember that this does not include ad revenue, which can be a huge source of income for many app developers.

With the App Store hitting over 40 billion downloads recently, that means there is a big opportunity for app developers to take advantage of the large number of people downloading apps.

Source: Forbes

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