Dr Eric Topol on NBC News’ Rock Center: iPhone is the future of medicine

In a recent video on NBC News’ Rock Center, cardiologist Dr Eric Topol has revealed that the iPhone may well be the future of modern medicine.

In his interview, Topol appeared convinced that smartphone-enabled medical devices will bring down costs and revolutionise modern medicine, making it more efficient and more effective than ever before. He showcased a handheld ultrasound machine, and an iPhone-compatible EKG machine. It is devices like this that he believes will enable doctors to carry out procedures in primary care, or even at the home of patients.


The revelation came to Topol following a flight from Washington to San Diego. A passenger on the plane was experiencing severe chest pains, and an appeal from the pilot soon had Dr Eric on the scene. Topol used an AliveCor device connected to his iPhone to perform a cardiogram mid-flight, the results showed that the passenger was in fact having a heart attack. Topol recommended an urgent landing,  the passenger was rushed to hospital and survived. He describes the event as a “Eureka” moment, and in his interview said:

“These days, I’m prescribing a lot more apps than I am medications,”

It doesn’t seem outlandish to suggest that the growing capability of smartphones and medicine may one day combine to bring us revolutionary, personal medical monitoring and care like never before. Eric Topol seems convinced of the fact, and I am too. To view the interview in full click here.



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  • D Gaudet

    Dr. Topal you should be Knighted for your work.  I am sure grateful for your persistence.  God Bless