Do Not Disturb iOS 6 bug allowing people extra time to sleep off hangovers?

Do Not Disturb is one of the least talked about features launched in iOS 6, but is one my personal favorites. The ability to schedule a time each day for my iPhone to silence all incoming messages and calls is fantastic. Especially at night.

Unfortunately, the schedule function appears to be faulty this morning. Users are reporting that the feature is switched on, even after the pre-planned time has passed. As you can imagine, iDevice owners are waking up having missed important calls and messages. Brought to light first over on MacRumors, the issue isn’t affecting everyone, but enough to get comments going on the site’s forums.

Have you had any issues with Do Not Disturb not automatically switching off? Let us know in the comments or tweet me: @TiP_Cam

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  • I know people have talked about checking the phantom vibration in your phone before. you know, when you think you got a message, but you never did.  Well DND has fixed this for me.  My phone is alway on DND and I receive calls and messages when I have the time to check it, rather than when someone tries to interrupt what I’m doing.  I guess It’s a little more old-school, since people can’t reach me at a moment’s notice, but it definitely is a bit more relaxing, knowing that I’m not like a high schooler constantly checking the iPhone throughout the day.

  • KarlJens

    It’s 5pm January 2 here in Australia and every iOS6 device we have is stuck in Do Not Disturb mode unless I completely turn it off, normally they are all on a schedule and it’s worked fine until  2013…