Christmas week brought 30 million Angry Birds downloads

Angry Birds is undoubtedly the most recognizable franchise in the smartphone gaming world. You’ll struggle to find anyone who hasn’t heard of it or even played it. Across all platforms, and all versions, Rovio has experienced well over 1 billion downloads of the hit game since its iOS release back in 2009.

In-fact, the iconic app is so popular that it was downloaded 30 million times during Christmas week – incidentally the same time when most devices are activated, an estimated 17.4 M tablets and smartphones on Christmas day 2012 – receiving 8 million of these downloads were on Christmas day alone.

While the numbers are huge, they often aren’t very impressive without perspective, which is why Rovio has said that around 50% of the 17.4 M devices activated over the holiday season downloaded one of the several versions of Angry Birds.


Via: Techno Buffalo

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