Cheaper iPhone concept, looks like a shrunken iPhone 5

Are you still holding out for that cheaper iPhone? If you are, Martin Hajek (the same person behind the iPad mini and iPhone 5 renders that came out before each devices’ release) has released some renders of a cheaper iPhone concept, which actually end up looking like a shrunken down iPhone 5. If you take a look at the picture above (and the ones below) you can see how his idea takes the two tone metal/glass design from the iPhone 5 and shrinks it down into the same 3.5 inch proportions of the all the previous iPhones. If you are a fan of the iPhone 5 design, but not the price, I wouldn’t be surprised if you are crossing your fingers that this idea comes true. If you are interested in some more of the render pictures, look at the gallery below or head on over to the source link.

What do you think? Hope this is the final design? Still think a cheaper iPhone will come out? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: iDownloadBlog, NWE

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  • Scott1

    Looks like a converted iphone 4/4s ….

  • Cleevens Joseph

    Im sooooo confused on what im looking at

  • imoneymyke

    i think they are just running out of ideas now….why make the phone bigger just to shrink it back down again….they need someone else on the design team.

  • Bratty

    @imoneymyke You do realize this is a concept design by a NON APPLE entity? Oooyeeevay

  • JonGiardina

    You know what else it looks like? An iPhone 4S. There is no reasoning behind the rumor. Apple will always offer the best products. No matter what kind of phone you use, be it android or windows, you cant deny apple’s build quality. They will never sacrifice that.

  • @JonGiardina They came out with the iPad mini which caters right to this kind of audience. There is plenty of reason to believe that they would come out with something like this, don’t fool yourself.

  • It IS a converted 4/4s – this is a concept by somebody who doesn’t work for Apple. It’s a render of what he thinks It could look like.

  • JonGiardina

    @CallChrisNow  @JonGiardina I actually have an iPad mini. When I said it looked like an iPhone 4S I was being sarcastic. Why build a cheaper iPhone 5 when they still sell their very popular older models? I agree that it would be a good idea to sell a cheaper version, but I cant see the company that is apple doing something like that. But if they do then by all means, more power to them.

  • KyleFrost

    @JonGiardina  @CallChrisNow Using the term “cheaper” for this rumor is beginning to become a little confusing. By “cheaper” we are not talking a sacrificed build quality – I agree, Apple would never do that – we are talking cheaper price for non-subsidized. The iPhone 4 is indeed free now, but only on a contract. It is not free for people in emerging markets who buy their phones off contract, however. That is where the “cheaper” comes in. If they were to build a device, such as the above render, using older parts, etc, Apple could bring the non-subsidized price point down, therefore making the new device a “cheaper” iPhone.

  • Word

    A shrunken iPhone 5?? Oh, you mean an iPhone 4… OK, I get it now. LOL