CES 2013: Tech21 announces Impact Shield screen protector

Are you in the market for a new screen protector? Don’t worry, Tech21 has you covered. You remember Tech21, don’t you? It is the same company that makes the Impact Mesh that Cam reviewed, and called “the best thin protective case on the market.” Yes, that case. Well this new “Impact Shield” screen protector from Tech21 is “bullet proof screen protection.” That is a serious claim. I doubt this could literally stop a bullet (though I’m sure someone will put that to the test), however reading through the press release (below) does make it sounds pretty impressive. It promises “bubble free” application, and a “self healing” coating. Reading all this makes me want to get one and see for myself. Check out the press release yourself below.

Impact Shield Impactology™

Bullet Proof Screen Protection For All Your Mobile Devices

Tech21 – January 2013: Tech21, the maker of Impactology™ approved cases for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, today announced the launch of Impact Shield. Described as the World’s first Impact Protection for mobile device screens, using advanced impact material currently used in Military Grade Bullet Proof glass and aviation cockpits for fighter jets, the Impact Shield range for consumers is truly unique.

Military Grade Bullet Proof Screen Protection:

Developing the Impact Shield, the Tech21 R&D team spent the last 2 years searching for materials that could offer exceptional protection. Finally they found a polymer which is normally used in military grade bullet proof glass. The team worked extensively to manipulate this highly complex material until it could be made thin enough to protect a mobile device screen without losing its protection capabilities. The unique layers within the Impact Shield absorb the impact force if the device is dropped face down on to the screen, it is the only screen film in the world which allows real impact protection for your smart phones and tablets.

Scratch proof and self-healing coating:

The specialised material used in the Impact Shield, has properties which enable it to self-heal over time if scratched or bumped.  This advanced technological breakthrough makes it the ultimate screen protector for any mobile device.

Bubble Free application:

Applying screen protection materials sometimes fills you with dread. The nightmare bubbles and attempts to smooth out the surface often lead to frustration. The Impact Shield’s unique polymer material is different, applied in seconds the polymer reacts instantly to the screen so there are no bubbles.  

Impact Shield Clear To The Naked Eye:

The unique material in every Impact Shield has been developed for advanced levels of optical clarity.  The Impact Shield also has built in UV protection so the Impactology™ approved material will not yellow after time.

One Touch™ adhesive:

The Impact Shield is designed specifically for each device size, so whether it’s a phone or tablet, there’s a specific size to suit your mobile device screen. Tech21 designers have created a unique One Touch™ adhesive, so your screen can be protected in seconds. No glue is used so once applied to your screen the Impact Shield leaves no residue. This unique Impactology™ polymer material is instantly ready; no cure time is required.  Simply fit it and go! Because there is no glue adhesive, if you don’t get it right first time, the Impact Shield can be lifted and repositioned.

The Impact Shield range will be available during Q1 2013, catering for a large range of the most popular mobile devices, including iPhone 5 and Samsung SIII. Pricing and retailers to be confirmed.

Tech21 also manufactures cases for the iPhone 4/4S, Samsung Galaxy Note II, iPad, plus other smartphones, tablets and laptops. 

For more information about Where to Buy visit www.tech21.uk.com.

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