CES 2013: Water, dust, snow and shock resistant iPhone 5 case unveiled by Seidio

We’ve already seen a ton of cool new gear unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. (To see all the cool accessories launched so far, just hit this link.) We’ve seen all sorts ranging from awesome¬†iPhone-controlled LEGO robots and capacitive touch panel equipped cases.

The latest company to unveil a new product is Seidio. We’ve reviewed a few of the company’s offerings here at TiP, and we’ve generally been impressed. The latest, OBEX, is a LifeProof challenger with a lot of attitude. It’s IP68 tested, meaning its Water and Dust resistant, and has an incredible build quality, providing military grade drop protection. For fans of attaching devices to belts, it also has an optional carrying solution. All-in-all it covers all the bases, and at a reasonable $80-$90 it’s hardly expensive.

Check out the case in more detail on the Seidio Obex homepage.

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